Off Season By R. Holmes: 4☆’s Review


Every dog has its day… That’s the saying right?
Well, I’m the top dog. Everyday. That’s the way it’s always been and the way it’ll always be.
I run things on the field and off the field.
Caston Sinclair: Team captain. Pussy whisperer.
The guy your girlfriend thinks about when you’re on top of her.
I hold the power in my hands. Well, the glove that is.
I walk on the pitcher’s mound every night and I walk off a legend.
Untouchable. Unbeatable. Bulletproof.
Things were going exactly as I planned… Or so I thought. Until her.
4’11″. Tanned legs, fire in her eyes and an attitude to match.
She was a game changer… After all, anything is possible, it’s the Off Season.


– 3.5 stars –

I decided to read this book after seeing everyone was reading it. Let me start by saying that I loved it and enjoyed it. I would def be a cleat chaser for Caston Sinclair.

I loveed Eryn. She was sassy, take-no-shit, strong of a woman. And Caston? My God. Sexy is the way to describe him.

Like I said I both loved and enjoyed it but there are some reasons I disliked about it a bit.
1) It felt rushed. I feel like their relationship wasn’t really explored. I love a good insta-love but there was a huge gap.
2) Wish we could have seen more interaction between Caston and Easton. I just wanted to see more cuteness. Who doesn’t enjoy a man who loves kids?

But other than thaaaat. I just wish it was a bit longer maybe we could have seen more interaction between Eryn’s son and Easton and explored their relationship more.

Read if you love hot baseball players, woman with sass, and hot hot scenes.




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